Unravel Who You Truly Are.

Photo by Arnold Dogelis on Unsplash

A story inspired by Martin Heidegger/Written two or three years ago.

Calm afternoon day. The sun gently decorated the sky with its warm colors. The sea was pushing one by one the waves in a rhythm as it was composing a song. Two men scrolled around the beach, sink in deep reflections. The one was almost seventy years old, and the other was not yet twenty-five. Their conversation by the sea had become a tradition. Every Saturday, at the same time, they gathered together to unravel the thoughts of our ancient philosophers.

’’What’s our theme today, Grandpa?’’ — asked the younger man.
’’We will talk about people, son, about people...’’ — gently whispered he.

The man is a great oxymoron. At the same time we know a lot about the body, the organs and the functions they perform; about the consciousness, the possibilities and opportunities we have, but we do not know anything either. What does a person think? How does he feel and why? How and why does he do what he do?

Over time, a person has perfected to such a degree himself that he’s absolutely able to play roles, to label, and to obey foreign opinions and guidelines. We are living in such seeming trust and freedom. It is thought that because there are many new discoveries, gradation and revolution, we are currently living in the most wonderful time.


Whether we are talking about an object or a machine, until we try all the options at its disposal we cannot say anything about it. Because simply we still don’t know nothing about it. Of course, this can not be done with people. We can’t test others to see who they are. In such a case, one has to show himself who he truly is without any masks.

For so long about man, there are so many definitions: good, bad, liar, honest, kind, loyal, bad, criminal, ordinary citizen, simple employee, etc.

Totally normal and something quite common nowadays is to label, to blame, to judge or to stand on a pedestal. People are so used to discussing others that they forget about themselves, who they are and their own purpose.

"Lose yourself to find yourself" — and when that happens, then, my friend, then begins the magic of self-knowledge and self-determination.” — the old man said.

People say they have developed a lot that their thoughts do not stop running and inventing new and new ideas. How unfortunate is that everyone thinks in the material benefits and in the temporary. Everything that brings joy to the soul and satisfaction for the spirit itself is forgotten deeply.
How many people can call themselves honest? How many people can say that they have done good and helped someone in need? How many people can say that they work hard so they can make their dreams come true?

Unfortunately, the answer is unsatisfactory.

People are like the books. You go to the library and choose that one, with the most beautiful cover you think is and, of course, a title appropriate for your taste.

The question is whether you like the content as well as the appearance?

No matter how much we want, books can not tell us their story quickly, but a person can. The actions are the basis of how one presents himself. And the more he strives for good, for justice, for honesty, for love, peace and support, so much more he will be able to show what he himself is.

“Sonny, we all make mistakes. That’s exactly why we are humans. But we do our best to make up for our mistakes, to give ourselves a second chance, to believe in both others and ourselves, to smile, to support, to love and to forgive. To do all that is called human action. Because we are people anyway, right?” — said the old man of separation, and they set off in different directions.

Everyone thought about today’s conversation. Of course, who more, who less.

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