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Sana was a wonderful person. Always with a little smile on her face but with a smile, ready to help, to be there if someone needs a shoulder to cry, but she was very modest. She stood aside, she didn’t want to be a intruder and she didn’t have a great desire to participate in teamwork, to create, to dream, and maybe just to live this life at max. For her life seemed to have stopped. It was not over, it just stopped. Or, it was running slowly, so slowly that it could not be felt. She lived day by day. She wasn’t one of those people who got early in the morning with determination and motivation ready to conquer the world. No, she was the absolute opposite of them.

Her closest friends were Uncertainty, Fear, Envy, Despair, Desperation, Hate, Shame, Pessimism. There was such a strong connection between her and each of them that she easily moved from one state to another. Always unsatisfied with her own success. Always miserable, along with the happiness of others. Always experienced jealousy, watching the success of others and still experiencing fear of being abandoned, of being alone. That’s why she had a special relationship with these three - hypocrisy, sarcasm, and manipulation. She was thinking that these were the only effective ways she could use to keep in touch with people and feel good in the surrounding world.

In fact, things were not exactly the same. All these negatives were accumulated day by day, and she did not feel better. Even on the contrary.

Sana began to feel terrible every second. She did not see the point of living. She did not find a reason to smile anymore. There were constantly problems that she could not find an adequate solution. She was unhappy. She felt useless and helpless. It was as though she was no longer human, but merely a living creature trying to survive. A creature that scratched his teeth and claws upward in an attempt to float to the surface to breathe fresh air. But because she was negative for seeing life through the pink glasses, every time she was able to rise up, something dragged her back down to the horror. All her efforts resembled Sisyphean labor.

One day she thought about it. She began to think about life, why she was sent to this planet. She asked her what her purpose was and why she was so unhappy. Not long after, she found an answer to all her questions, and a wide smile lit her face. She finally managed to find out where she was wrong. She had understood that she should not be so cruel to herself, to others, to life. Because nobody deserves it, especially she. Because nobody earns anything but suffers, especially she.

So after the long storms and gray clouds, the sun rose, a rainbow dipped the sky. Sana was no longer the same person. The metamorphosis was more beautiful than that of the butterfly and not for anything else but because it would last for more than a few days. Sana had a whole life in front of her and a bunch of new friends to get to know. She replaced Hate with one of the most real and important feelings, namely Love. Replaced Fear with a great deal of Confidence and Faith in herself and her possibilities. Forgot about rage and anger. Replace Envy with a real sense of Joy and Pride. There was no longer any memory of Hopelessness, for now she was more motivated than ever before, and Pessimism faded as fast as the wet spot of paper, and Positivism settled in its place as a drop of ink.

She buried all the bad feelings and welcomed the good ones.

Now Sana is happy and truly satisfied with herself and with what she does. Every day she wakes up with a smile on her face, ready to conquer the world and realize every idea. She has gone through the hell of despair and has managed to fight with it. Now she teaches others how to deal with it too, how to change for their own good, because the world would not be the same without them, without you.

And you, don’t you think it’s time to get out of the couch and start fighting for your own happiness, your personal development, for yourself? Sana did the first step, now it’s time to do yours too.

*Sana is not a real person but a character created by Rossye P.

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